A Natural Approach to Prepper Family Care!

A great post with many home remedies!

These are my favorite remedies / products — the ones I consider indispensable for a natural family first-aid kit. All of the remedies are available at any well-stocked health-food store and by mail-order. Be sure to buy pure essential oils, not fragrance oils. To prevent breakage, wrap glass bottles in small pieces of thick flannel.

Activated Charcoal: Keep this on hand for food poisoning, vomiting/diarrhea/intestinal gas, infections, draining wounds, Lyme disease, breast infections – just to name a few.

Aloe vera gel: Cooling and healing, aloe vera (Aloe vera) soothes the inflammation of sunburn and common kitchen scalds and burns.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Good for everything from heartburn/digestive aid to skin issues (like acne and eczema). Also, stamina, UTIs, and arthritis. Mix 2 t with honey and water; take in the morning and before every meal as needed.

Arnica: Arnica (Arnica montana) flowers have anti-inflammatory and circulation-stimulating properties; the gel or cream is excellent for sore muscles, sprains, strains, swelling and bruises. Do not apply arnica to broken skin. Purchasing Arnica tincture and suspending in a carrier oil is a great idea.

Colloidal Silver: Use for pink eye, sore throat gargle, and general antiviral, antibiotic, antifungal purposes.

Drawing Salve: A small tin of good drawing salve is essential for splinters and boils.

Elderberry liquid extract: Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is essential for stopping a cold or flu. The berries contain compounds that prevent cold and flu viruses from invading and infecting cells. Taking elderberry is a good preventive. If you do come down with a cold or flu, taking elderberry can hasten your recovery time. Our brand name is Sambucol.

EmergenC: Keep these Electrolyte Replacement / Vit C packets on hand for dehydration or to take at the onset of a cold/flu.

Essential Oils: Keep at least Tea Tree Oil (wounds, rashes), Lavender (headaches; rub one drop on temple) and Peppermint (stomach aches; 10 drops in ¼ cup Olive Oil rubbed on the soles of the feet). Eucalyptus is also very helpful (for clearing sinuses and colds when used with steam inhalation). Our “Natural Breathing Treatment Oil” has all of these in one bottle.

Don’t forget to have a “Carrier Oil” on hand – either Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Castor Oil.

Additional First-Aid Essentials to Have Onhand:
• Adhesive bandage strips: Various sizes, including butterfly closure bandages.
• Alcohol: Small plastic bottle for removing poison oak/ivy oils from the skin and to sanitize scissors/tweezers.
• Bandage materials: Sterile gauze pads, a roll of gauze, adhesive bandage tape.
• Elastic bandage: For sprains or strains.
• Moleskin: Blister treatment.
• Scissors: Small pair for cutting bandages, adhesive tape, moleskin.
• Thermometer: Instant-read type.
• Tweezers: For removing ticks and splinters.
• Waterless hand sanitizer: Travel-size bottle.

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