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9/21/2011 Patriot Prepper and Author Martin H. Perry visits Ranters Radio

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(((Ranters Radio))) is Glad to bring to you a very special guest. Martin H. Petry.
Martin is an accomplish writer and patriot. After confessing his loyalty (after much water boarding) to our show we thought it only appropriate that we invite him to be a guest. We hope that you will join us in our discussion on Wednesday Sept 21.

A bit about Martin-

His books span more than a few genres; fiction, non-fiction, poetry, political, etc. His first novel was Hard Justice; The Violation, which was meant to be the first in a trilogy, which later became a series as the story refused to end.

He has written several books of poetry, which are collections of pieces he’s been moved to write over the course of many years. There is at least one more in the works, which is a collection that more reflects where he is now in the world, it will be titled, “At the Foot of the Cross”.

He has co-authored, dual autobiographies; Convoking Hell and Conjuring Love have been called many things, from uplifting to horrifying. Judge for yourselves.

A Man, a Dog and a Ball was something that he was moved by God to write and it is a complete departure in style from anything else he’s penned. It’s a new American Classic. We at My Mutt Publications would like to help animal rescue groups with the proceeds from this work of fiction.

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Tonight 9/21/2011 8:00pm/Central

If you miss tonight’s show, as with all others they can be downloaded from archives on same page.

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