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2019 Survival Gear List

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This is a sponsored post for one of my great clients Self Reliance Outfitters. They are part of the reason we have the Prepper Broadcasting Network. I am a huge fan of their products and while many of these survival gear picks are simplistic, they are difference makers. Their products are great and will appear in this 2019 survival gear list.

A list of 2019 survival gear is a very interesting thing. It can elicit any number of emotions from excitement to frustration. The best gear is always a matter of debate so I am interested to see your take in the comments below.


However, the goal in creating a list style article like this is to offer you a look at some of the newest gear on the market and, to flash some of the timeless survival gear in front of you as a reminder. Another year comes and goes and we all hope to make progress.

Its not always about the gear but how often you use it. Still, its always fun to scroll through the goods.

All Weather Blanket
A very basic piece of gear but a standard of any survival system. These all-weather blankets retain heat and repel weather. They are lightweight and pack away without a problem. This is not a revolutionary piece of gear that is fresh for 2019 but it’s powerful and its multi-use.

No.36 Bank Line – 1lb. Roll
For a long time paracord was all the rage. It’s a powerful product and deserves a spot in your your bag. Cordage is by far one of the most important things you can carry in totality. With cordage you are creating shelter, repairing, building and so much more.

Cordage is also one of those things that can be a nightmare to reproduce. Cordage is also relatively inexpensive so there is no excuse not to have it on hand. Bankline is a finer type of cordage that is coated in resin and can be used for most everything you use paracord for. Its one of the essentials in your hunt for 2019 survival gear. survival

Ferro Rod w/ Wooden Handle

Ferro Rods
You can never have an easy enough fire. Of all the things that you store, its always safe to go a little overboard on fire. There is no reason to rough it on prefabbed tinder, sparking tools or accelerants. Dedicated a whole section or pocket to fire starting and have the confidence that you will be able to make fire in the worst conditions.

Having a real ferro rod is of the utmost importance. This product defines what a ferro rod should be. Its one of the most effective and repeatable fire starting tools on the market. While using things like lighters and matches will obviously give you real flame, these are resources you can run out of. You will really need to work hard to run this ferro rod out.

Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

Bahco Laplander Folding Saw
We established the importance of fire so it would make sense that processing fuel for fire is critical. Most people don’t realize what a job processing wood is until the arrive at their campsite for the first time. This idea that an axe or and a knife are going to be enough is a tough one. Sure, with lots of work you can get there.

Some go to the woods with only a knife and what a journey that must be. If you really want to be efficient with wood processing, you need a small axe and a folding saw. This Laplander has been the go to for many bushcrafters and survivalists. It’s a great piece of gear and worth having on hand in 2019

32 oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle and Nesting Cup Set

32 oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle and Nesting Cup Set
Most people don’t give cooking sets the type of respect they deserve, in terms of pack space and quality. This nesting cup set is not just a throw together with some metal bottle and cup. Its a single walled 32oz bottle for a reason. This is the amount of water that most water sanitizing tablets use. So its typically 1 tablet per 32oz of water. That is not by accident.

The nesting features makes this cook set take up less space and your single walled water bottle can be used for things like making charcloth, which also makes this set multi functional beyond just cooking, medicine making and boiling water.

MHA Bushkrafter

Now, if you are in the market for a set of solutions or a backup survival kit to carry along with your pack, the MHA Buskrafter is a powerful option. It was designed over decades of forging the Appalachian Trail and has an incredible back story.
This product is not a glove box survival kit. Its designed to be worn and used in the wild and to give you all you might need to survive a few nights in the wilderness. It is small and lightweight and the whole kit is contained in a single walled steel bottle.

For me, the MHA Bushkrafter is an extension of my kit. If I leave base camp I can unhook this from my MOLLE which it fits into nicely and carry it around my waist, as its designed, and I have a survival kit that is light as air and will help me if something happens on the way to and from camp.
It’s a powerful piece of 2019 survival gear, tried and true.

Midland Portable Power Station

PPG100 Portable Power Station

The Midland portable power station is currently sold out but I put it on the list because its so incredibly effective. Don’t worry it will be back.

Not only does it bring serious backup power to an emergency or a camping trip. Its submersible in up to 30 feet of water!

Backup power is essential when you are talking about 2019 survival gear. You just have to be prepared to made a difference when the lights go out. It is one of our princples of preparedness here at the Prepper Broadcasting Network.

Viktos Leo Duty Gloves

LEO Duty Glove
Gloves are important. People tend to over estimate what their bodies are capable of. If you spend most of your time in a climate controlled office and then jump into the woods for a weekend, swinging and axe, sawing wood and shoveling, or using other tools, its gonna hurt.

You got soft hands, most of you. That’s ok. It’s a sign that life is good and you don’t have to physically battle for your existence. However, blisters and cuts an be a real problem, so you have to be prepared to deal with that.
A good pair of gloves will go a long way and Viktos has been in the glove business for a while now. They do a great job and these Leo Duty Gloves. These minimalist, polyester backed gloves are the perfect, lightweight compliment to any survival loadout.


This product is new to 2019 and easily one of the most interesting multitools on the market. Not only is this tool designed to fit fold down to be one of the smallest yet most effective multitools on the market, its also has safety locks on the tools.
The reason for the safety locks is important because the SOG Sync II is designed to clip on the front of your belt buckle. It can also be slipped onto your belt with its simple clip system. Essentially, the Sync II changes the way you consider a multitool for EDC.

Wire cutters, crimpers, files, knife, scissors, pliers, screwdrivers and more are all part of the Sync II’s offerings. It’s the best new Multitool on the market.

Chow Pal by Edge

Unfortunately, the tools for cooking and eating on are some of the last to be considered when you are buying survival gear. Even when packing bags, the cooking implements and utensils are often left to the very end of the process, unless your camping trip is focuses on cooking and eating.

You don’t find something like the Chow Pal on many lists of survival gear. Well, it’s a very interesting tool that deserves to shine in 2019. The Chow Pal is a combination eating utensil and multitool. At its core it’s a three-tool utensil set. Its one of the rare eating utensils that features a stainless steel knife blade. Most are a spork or spoon and knife.
At just under 2.5 ounces you also get a graduated wrench, can opener and bottle opener with this powerful utensil set.

The Final Word on 2019 Survival Gear

The year 2019 is a great year to look over your gear and seek out improvements. Clearly there are some new pieces of 2019 survival gear on the market that are looking to revolutionize the survival and preparedness industry.

That said, don’t spend all your time look at the brightest and newest stars in the sky. Your kit might be missing one of those standards that also showed up in the article. We have a habit of drifting to the bigger and the better but something like an all weather blanket seems simple but is full of ways to make your next adventure better.

Hopefully this article shed some light on just what you were looking for in 2019. Happy hunting.

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