November 27, 2022


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Traveling back from a Supply Point!

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Traveling back from a Supply Point
Host: Dane… “The Gunmetal Armory” Audio player provided!

Traveling back from a Supply PointThis week on The Gunmetal Armory will be Part 2 and a continuation of this last weekend’s show on Prepping Up With The Jones’s called: Traveling To A Supply Point. Last weekend, Dave and Dane went over how to travel to a Supply Point (or Scavenging Location), what things you may encounter, how to set up your formations, planning ahead of time, recon of the target, and what things you should consider that you might run into along the way. Dave and Dane talked in depth about the problems you could encounter while on foot, the pros and cons of Vehicular transport in that type of operation, and many more situations you could run into.

Listen to this broadcast or download “Traveling back from a Supply Point” in player below!

They also discussed what type of people you should bring with you, what skill sets they should have, what basic items each team member should have, specialty gear that specific team members should have, how much weight each team member should be carrying on their way there, and a lot more.

This week on the Gunmetal Armory we’re discussing more of the trip there, and the trip back. The trip back will cover security on the way back, security while carrying heavier loads and how to distribute those loads among your team, how to avoid an ambush, basics of fighting in an ambush, what to do if you get into a firefight, how to decide when to drop the gear and retreat, bounding fire during a retreat, pressing forward with bounding fire, more on avoiding “blue on blue”, and a whole lot more.

Feel free to email Dane at if you have specific questions related to this upcoming show or any gunsmithing inquiries. Dave and Dane look forward to you guys joining us inside the Gunmetal Armory… On Prepper Broadcasting Network.

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