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Time Travel with Tech PrepsLast week we talked about the “what if”, if we brought technology back to our recent past and our distance past on how people would react.
This episode we will delve more into the time travel aspect, is it possible? Is it a bad idea? Should we do it to learn from our past? Set history straight as it were?

Time Travel with Tech PrepsI will talk about a few theories that have been presented and a few problems with time travel that might prove it impossible or improbable. I will talk about a scientist I listen to a lot called Michio Kaku. He is one of the best minds we have today, and a pleasure to listen to on his time travel theories.

We will talk about the “grandfather” paradox aka the causality effect, how it would be almost impossible to go back and actually change the past. I will talk about the complications trying to change something would have on our future.

We have to consider that this may one day become fact and not just a theory. If it does become fact where would you like to go? What would you like to see? I will ask this question and try to answer it for myself and the audience.

11-3-15 downloadThis episode will be dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future, this movie has inspired me to think about time travel and the general risks that come with it. I will go over what this movie got right and what it got wrong as far as paradoxes and technology.

The question we will try to answer is if it would be ethical to go back and change something, or use what we learn or know to benefit us in the future. As always I want to incorporate the audience in the show and get your opinions on what you guys think about this topic, please let me know and enjoy the show!
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