April 22, 2021


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The Tundra and Super Duty as a BOV

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Tundra and 2004 Ford 350 FXL Super duty as BOV

Barney Whistance

Every prepper knows the importance of having a good Bug Out Vehicle (BOV). Not everyone can afford to take out a new car, but fret not there are plenty of good options available in the second-hand market.

truck BOVOne of the best options is to go for a Toyota Tundra. It is an underrated monster. It may not be famous for having the most comfortable ride, but it does what a BOV is supposed to do; it is reliable and will last a long time.

Toyota has produced a lot of trucks and by the time it reached 2014 it showed that it had a good grasp of what truck owners wanted. The 2014 Tundra gave established brands like Ford, Chevrolet, GMC and Dodge customers a run for their money.  It was loved by fans of 4 wheel drives.

The glaring problem with Tundra is its mileage. If the worst comes to be, then gas will be a very precious commodity. The official figures put the mileage and 13-16 mpg in the city and 16-20mpg on the highway. But the mileage is acceptable looking at its curb weight; the Toyota Tundra weight ranges from 4750 to 5900 lbs. You can find a Toyota Tundra 2014 in good condition for USD 37,000. If this exceeds your budget and you still want a good condition Toyota truck, then think about a 2011 Toyota Tundra. A good condition 2011 Tundra could be gotten for USD 20,000. And the best part about Tundra is that it can also be used as your everyday car and is an excellent workhorse. As Top Gear showed, the Tundra can pull a plane without breaking a sweat. So if the world goes to hell I would be glad personally to have a sturdy Tundra by my side.

truck 2If you are on a shoe string budget, then a 2004 Ford F350XL Super duty is a good option. You can get a good one for as low as USD 9,100.

It is available in three body styles, Regular cab, extended cab, crew cab and five trip levels: base XL, midlevel XLT, luxurious Lariat, horse-saddle-inspired King Ranch and ultra-plush Platinum.

The Ford is easy to maintain yourself and a properly maintained Ford can run for almost forever. Customers have given it excellent reviews with some saying that they have pulled loads as heavy as 5000lb with it!

While this Ford truck is a proven reliable workhorse, customer reviews about comfortability and economy suggest that it does not really impress in either arenas. But frankly the truck was made to last and that it does. If you can get a well maintained one, this Ford truck can serve excellently as a BOV.  This option is especially perfect if you plan on keeping two cars. This can be your backup BOV.

When choosing a BOV, remember when the worst case scenario comes to be you will not want to be in a truck with a good brand and image but rather one that performs. Leather seats with warmers won’t help you but a good engine with a 4WD will take you anywhere. Choose your truck wisely and it will be easy on the wallet and maybe one-day help save your life.

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