April 15, 2021


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Armor, bug out vehicle!

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Armor, bug out vehicle!
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Armor, bug out vehicle survival-vehicle-21This episode I will discuss bug out vehicles, do you need a fully armored bug out vehicle? Will those zombies be coming after you and you just run right over them? Well we will discuss this, is it just paranoia or does a vehicle of this caliber have merit in certain situations. The Police seem to think so, they use armored personnel carriers all the time to respond to hostile situations.

Armor, bug out vehicles!We will take a look at the price of such a vehicle and the legality of it. What are the pros and the cons of such a vehicle, and what would be good to equip it with? Along with the pros and cons is the costs of and kinds of accessories, armor, radios, computers, and other helpful gadgets that may help you if an event strikes with no recourse but to bug out.

Armor, bug out vehicles!I will help recommend a few products that could be installed as well as what I believe is the best route when choosing a vehicle chassis, and what to look out for. I will talk about the pros of a vehicle being armored such as bullet resistant (not bullet proof). Also the advantages over diesel vs gasoline engine. Also the advantages of heavy armor vs light, and the cons of both. I will talk about the cons of the vehicle such as speed, maneuverability, and weakness’s.

Communications, another important item to consider. What are the advantages of having various communications in a vehicle such as gps, wenches, and various other gadgets.

As always I will be taking questions from the chat and live call in line, so please feel free to visit chat or call in and talk to me live!, we will have a good time and I hope everyone enjoys the show!
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