August 9, 2022


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Alternative Transportation
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Alternative TransportationBeing prepared in this day & age means more than preparing your habitat for crisis, it also means prepping your mobility. Our entire lives revolve around the automobile, our towns & cities accommodate it, or livelihood depends upon mobility, even the food we eat is most often dependent on a steady resupply, made possible by the automobile. But what if this dependency was interrupted? What if something happened that removed your access to motorized vehicles? If our Cars & trucks quit? How well prepared are you if you lost your car keys, or your car for that matter. A smart Prepping & Survival Plan involves some sort of alternative mode of transportation.

This week we’re going to discuss what is quite possibly the simplest method of transportation outside of a good pair of shoes. A method most of us relied upon in our younger days, before gaining the privilege to drive… the BICYCLE!
By far, one of the best ways to get from point A to point B is by bike. And today there is astounding things happening in the world of bicycling that is making them easier to ride, more versatile, more capable, and more acceptable as an alternative transport than ever before.

I’ve recently rediscovered my love for riding a bike as a way to gain back much of the physical fitness I’ve lost over the years, but tonight we’re going to rely on the advice of a true expert when it comes to bicycling, we’re going to be interviewing a man who has 30 years of experience on a bike saddle.

Dave Agular is the General Manager of Pee Dee Bikes, one of the fastest growing bicycle shops here along the Grand Strand, and we’ll let Dave explain what one should consider when deciding on a good bike to build your Prep plans around. Dave’s no slouch, he routinely logs 3 to 4 thousand road miles a year on his bike. An avid road cyclist, Dave has great experience on the kind of things that make a bike dependable & capable, and by managing a thriving bike shop, Dave has put hundreds of folk of all ages on bikes. We’ll take advantage on his experience and learn from it.

And if you are shopping for a bike for someone this Christmas, here’s an expert to ask your questions to. Don’t miss this show! …”
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