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This Tuesday: “The Next Generation”  6/25/19

Late Season Planting for Preppers!

We’ve suffered like much of the rest of the country when it comes to the garden out back. Luckily, our losses aren’t quite as significant as the farmers who have millions of dollars on the line.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the wheat, barley and chickpea fields are doing great. And yet in my garden the tomatoes are spindly twigs. No corn has sprouted, no basil, no peppers, no romaine or kale. My dreams of a full harvest have been shattered by heavy rains, low temperatures and high winds.

But then again maybe not.

There is still a glimmer of hope for a midsummer planting that could yield food in the fall – just in time for food prices to spike as a result of the crop failures around the country. This week we are going to get into means and methods for determining the best plants in your area, how and when to plant, and the ways you can dig yourself out of a barren garden. There’s still time if you act now.

So whether you are gearing up for the Grand Solar Minimum or the next year without a summer, know that we’re right there with you. It’s never too late to start if you know how to go about it.

Also, join in for the Pint Sized Prepper Project of the Week where we build a simple raised garden box with minimal equipment!
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6/18/19 – A Year in the Books! – One Year Anniversary Show!
This episode we take a look back at some of the best of and reveal our new book now available on Amazon: 30 Pint Sized Prepper Projects for Kids!

6/11/19 – Was Chuck Norris a Prepper?!
Well, there’s only one way to find out! In this episode we try to put the ledgend to the test and see if he fits the bill. Part 2 of the “Was So-and-So A Prepper?” series…

6/4/19 – Modernizing Learning with Dr. JJ Walcutt!
We visit with an amazing educational trailblazer Dr. JJ Walcutt and explore the importance of teaching kids life skills at a young age and changing the educational system to accomodate new forms of learning to accomplish a more resilient, self-sufficient culture!

5/21/19 – Encouraging Young Entrepreneurs!
This week we take some time with CEO and experienced entrepreneur and CEO of Vigilant Trails, Rob Vigil to see what it takes to survive out in the real world of business and how to keep kids engaged.

5/14/19 Urban Micro Gardening 
Ever wanted to start a garden and thought you couldn’t because you live in an apartment or tiny plot? Think again. There are many options for getting started even in urban environments.

5/5/19 – Navigation and Exploration with Justin Miles!
This week we speak with real life explorer Justin Miles about finding your way – both on a map and in life! Navigation is a critical skill that can be taught at any age, so start early and practice often!

4/28/19 – Horses in an Apocalypse!
Horses are a great tool for the prepper arsenal, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Dale and Lisa of the Survivalist Prepper podcast and Budget Equestrian help us explore the considerations we need to factor in when it comes to large animals, livestock and horses.

4/21/19 – Give Me Shelter!
This episode spells out some of the extreme problems with exposure and why it’s important to undersand how and when to seek shelter, with tools and tips for knowing how to use your environment to survive!

4/14/19 SERE Survival Skills
We share some great airtime with former Air Force SERE instructor JJ Johnson and come out alive and ahead. If you’re sold on solo survival, give this show a listen and check out JJ’s website and YouTube channel! 

3/31/19 Staying Afloat During a Flood (Part 2)
This episode is a continuation of the previous flood preparedness episode where we get into some of the big picture preps to keep in mind and some of the tools that may serve you if you get stranded.

3/24/19 Staying Afloat During a Flood (Part 1)
Whether you live in a floodplain or the top of a mountain, massive flooding can impact your life. No matter what, there’s some preps you need to keep in mind. In the first installment, we discuss the potential impact of recent flooding both long and short-term, what to watch for regionally and some basic equipment to have on hand.

3/17/19 Was Mary Poppins a Prepper?!

In this episode, we dig deep into the fictional femme fatalle Mary Poppins to unveil her character traits that reveal her as one of the covert preppers of her time!

3/3/19 Native American Skills!

The Native Americans had some of the best survival skills around – tracking, hunting resourcefulness. All of these stacked up to create a very real picture of long-term outdoor survival at its best!

2/24/29 Cowboy Skills That Ruled the West!

There’s a lot we can learn from living on next to nothing by simply turning back the clock a few years and seeing what some of our western ancestors endured and how they survived.


2/17/19 Teaching Kids to Fish: Survival for a Lifetime with Special Guest James Walton

Some forms of survival education start with the simple act of baiting a hook. In this conversation we dig into the bigger picture of what the simple act of fishing truly means to the survival of you and your family for generations to come.

2/10/19 Prepping for Mars! – A Conversation with Alyssa Carson

What does it take to prepare for a mission to Mars? Years of training, skill-building, vision and drive! In this episode, we talk with the United States’ youngest astronaut in training, Alyssa Carson, and her father Bert about their experiences and what it takes to have the right stuff.

2/3/19 Pressure Points Every Prepper Should Know

Pressure points are a great tactical and medical advantage in any grid down scenario. If medications are out or you find yourself up against a larger opponent, you can take advantage of one simple skill that can both harm or heal depending on your intent!

1/27/19 Standing Strong During a Shutdown

The government shutdown is a great opportunity to talk about how job losses can affect everyone – regardless of job security and how to hedge against short-term financial crises.

1/20/19  The Next Generation of Prepping with Ron Foster!
We are joined with prepping master Ron Foster to chat about the importance of passing along survival skills to the next generation. His new book “Old Fart’s Survival Guide” is packed with great survival advice!

1/13/19 The Sharpest Tool in the Shed

We get with custom knife maker, Sean Weirich, to talk about what it takes to make custom knives.

1/6/19 Dry Run – Winter Edition!

It might be cold out, but there’s always time to test out your gear! In this episode we share our experience and the challenges we faced with winter tent camping with typical over-the-counter gear.

12/30/18 Winter Time Water Procurement

Obtaining water in winter can be a challenge with freezing temperatures and the threat of burst pipes. This episode covers some of the ways you can collect water in winter.

12/16/18 Finding Cures for Cabin Fever
Cabin fever is as old dirt. But it can be as serious as a heart attack. This episode focuses on some of the ways you can beat cabin fever if you get stranded or forced to bug in!

12/9/18 Prepping for Family Conflicts
Prepping in blended families can be a challenge, but as parents it is important to be open and honest about prepping and sharing the “why” behind what we do.

12/3/18 K9 EDC and Tactical Gear
Gear is always fun to talk about and collect – but don’t forget your four-legged companions in this aspect of prepping! They can be valuable helpers in times of need.

11/26/18 Tactical Dog Training
Well-trained dogs are a critical part of everyday preparedness skill building with kids. But you can take your training a step further by training with an emphasis on tactical advantage by learning a few skills and tricks!

11/11/18 Four-Legged Veterans Special
This episode is in honor of all veterans, two legged and four. We focus our time on some of the heroes of the K-9 forces around the world who protect us while we sleep.

11/4/18 Man’s Best Friend

We introduce the importance of canines in the home for their ability to act as guardians, protectors, friends, and more. As preppers we need to consider their needs as well as our own.

10/28/18 Reducing Fear by Increasing Security
This episode features Andy from The Secure Dad Podcast as we share some of his top advice on keeping your family safe and how it helps to reduce fear and anxiety year-round.

10/21/18 Water Witch Hunt
This episode is a spooky supernatural sensation! We share some of our experiences with water witching and explain how you can use this life-saving skill!

10/14/18 It’s alive! ALIVE! “Maintenance for The Life of Your Machines”
Maintaining your equipment is a critical part of survival. It may seem routine and cumbersome, but knowing how to perform your own work and sharing this skill can be a real life-saver!

10/7/18 Zombies Attack
We dug up an old comic book to showcase the basics of prepping through this handy FEMA guide that piggy backs off of the pop-culture zombie hysteria!

9-30-18 Who you know Connections Kid Communities Part 4

9/23/18 Kid Communities and 4H Part 3

9/16/18 Kids Communities – Part 2: The Pack

9/9/18 Kids Communities

9/2/18 Home Security for Kids

8/26/18 Handling loss and suffering

8/19/18 Skill sets, Entrepreneurs and Shop Class!

8/12/18 Building the Baddest Bug-out Bike

8/5/18 Kids, Technology, and Altered Reality

7/29/18 Responsibility as parents with guns

7/22/18 Being Frugal in Preparedness

7/15/18 Intentional Positioning, Finding Purpose Before Place, Making the Move.

7/8/18 The Ant and the grasshopper… work activities!

7/1/18 Fire in the Sky! Lessons Learned From a Real Life Wildfire Event

6/24/18 Devoting Time to the Dry Run “Practice”

6/17/18 Introduction, Culmination and Cultivation!