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Up-Coming on The Collapse Experiment 11/14/2015

Missiles Over California: The Final Countdown

11-14-15 missile-test-california-hyper-dimension-640x350Saturday night over Los Angeles a bright light was seen by many in the sky. Reports flooded in to 911 services about a UFO flying over the city. What that light turned out to be was an unarmed Trident missile from the USS Kentucky, a submarine off the shore of Los Angeles. The exercise had been scheduled with LAX and planes were diverted from the coast but the public was not notified.

11-14-15 1074808_1280x720A dozen cars were swallowed by the earth in Mississippi. The event happened in the parking lot of a diner where the cars were parked. While the ground did sink several feet into the earth experts are not calling it a sinkhole. Instead it is speculated the event took place because of heavy rains that have hit the area in recent weeks.

11-14-15 bp1The northern city of Shenyang, China is reported to have the worst air pollution of any Chinese city. Samples taken revealed levels that were 50 times higher than what is considered safe by the World Health Organization (WHO). Shenyang is the home of heavy industry and coal mining.

Sierra Leone is officially Ebola free by the WHO after 42 days with no new infections. This follows the declaration of the country being Ebola free a few weeks ago by the president of the country.

This episode of the Collapse Experiment shall be the last of the show. This comes after much consideration with my current life and the changes I had not foreseen when I took on this endeavor. Since then I have received a book deal, a side job as a writer/ consultant for a television show along with by independent book publishing. Of course there is my full time day job as well. Things change and I am fortunate to have done the show and thankful to Glenn for giving me the opportunity.

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 About: The Collapse Experiment

The Collapse Experiment is a weekly live show discussing current events in prepper culture, budget prepping, collapse situations, and acquiring skills for survival. The host likes to conduct experiments of trying to simulate collapse situations and get a realistic views as to how things my be during: EMP attack, drought, social breakdown, or food shortage. In the past Matt has gone on bug out trips on foot, bike trips with hiking gear, and survivalist weekends in the federal hunting land of northern Michigan. Matt values knowledge over stockpiling supplies. As a prepper Matt has been learning how to be prepared on a budget while still obtaining some of the best equipment for his dollar. If you want to be prepared but don’t have extra dollars to spare this is the show for you. Knowledge is the cheapest and most important tool you can acquire.

Future episodes will include interviews with people experienced in different topics regarding survival and pertinent topics important to preppers. What is the best weapon to have for hunting during SHTF? How does one make beer during the Apocalypse? How do I catch fish if it is my only food source? Should one really use bullets as a form of trade during SHTF? These are the types of subjects we will cover on this show and many more.

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Remnants of the Day: The Lost Years (The Future Collapse Book)

Samurai: A Tale of the Future Collapse: Book 2

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