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Do we help others in a time of SHTF? Pros and Cons

We have all been told we must be neighborly and help out those where we can, but let’s examine this a bit. In a time of crisis does this hospitality apply? Should we put ourselves at risk to help others? As I can see it there are pros and cons to each.

This show I will delve into the possibility of reaching out a hand vs pulling it away. I guess the major question is, can you trust this person? Can you be setting yourself up for disaster? I think these types of questions are very proper to ask when we all feel our family and friends come first. Even the best amongst us can find it hard to look after his or her own. All our lives we are taught to help anyone we can and be compassionate towards other’s needs, but when it comes to you and yours starving, how will this work? We only have a limited amount of food stored up and supplies.  On the other hand, more people in your group can be beneficial to you and your overall needs and safety, so answering this is not a yes or no thing.

One of the main issues that I will discuss is trust. I have said in previous shows, even the best person when desperate may do desperate things. How can you trust someone you have just met? Do you let them in and potentially lose everything? Or do you turn them away? What to do? I am not really considering family and friends; I am talking more along the lines of strangers. This is a great reason to have a group already, the dynamic of taking someone in when you already have a working group is different than if you were a loner or have a small family. So ask yourself what would you do? Please enjoy the show and ask questions!

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 About: Survival & Tech Preps!

This show is about Technical Preps for those that are preparing for when “SHTF and other reasons to prep.” I will be going over different ways to include Technical Preps in your everyday scenarios

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