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Where IS the best place to be in a SHTF situation?

Where IS the best place to be in a SHTF situation?
Host: Renee “The Homestead Honey Hour


Your eyes are open. You have watched over the last few years as various aspects of our culture and society spiral out of control, seemingly ever faster. You have that gut feeling something wicked this way comes. It’s why you prep. It’s why you strive for self-sufficiency. You look at your family and where you presently live – weighing the pros and cons – and you wonder: Should you re-locate or stay where you are? Continue reading Where IS the best place to be in a SHTF situation?


Prepping, where, when, why, and how, questions & answers!

7-30Q&A1Q&A night. We all have questions so what better way to get your questions answered then to have a Q & A night. So if you have a prepping question or two that haven’t been answered or you just want a second or third opinion join BexarPrepper on Preparing for Life’s Storms Tuesday July 30th 8pm central time where she will be answering your questions both from her YouTube channel and live with your phone calls. So don’t wait for slow responses ask them while you can. Blessings!
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