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Water Wars on American Soil!

Water Wars on American Soil!
James Walton “I Am Liberty

Water Wars WaterSharesHow often do you think about your access to clean potable water? Do you have water stored? Do you have a means to filter water? Is there a water source in your area? All of these considerations seem a little over the top for your average American. There are towns in CA right now that have had water shut off to them. The above questions do not only hold weight but they become life and death questions that must be answered.
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Perpetuating endless wars through fearmongering!

Chris100Preppers Poitin New Logo 150Join your host Chris on The Preppers Poitin Hour as he talks about wars and rumors of war.  With the rhetoric toward Syria ramping, there is North Korea , Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya brewing on the back burner.  The complicit media is abetting the government as they perpetuate endless wars through fearmongering, insinuation, and outright violence.  As we approach Memorial Day, we will take a look at how this nation’s imperial and martial attitudes have killed so many, and to what end?  Join us for the discussion. Slainte!
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