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Early Warning Alarms!

Early Warning Alarm!
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Early Warning AlarmSmoky Mountain Moonshiners used to rely on Donkeys as an early warning alarm. They would alert when a Revenue man was sneaking up on their moonshine stills. The Donkeys big, tall ears were like super sensitive radar, able to pick out the sounds of quiet footsteps in the wooded hills. Most often, they’d bay loudly long before John Law could come near, giving the Moonshiners Continue reading Early Warning Alarms!


Is that a train you hear? Well, unless you live beside a railway line, it just may be a tornado!

tornado 2One might think that preparing for tornadoes in Canada would be pretty low on the priority list.  After all, isn’t tornado alley in the US?  The number of tornadoes in Canada as well as the breadth of the danger zone may surprise you.  On this Episode of The Prepared Canadian I’ll give you a few stats as to how many tornadoes we canuks can expect, look at some recent notable tornadoes, explain the fujita scale and what kinds of damages each tornado category can dish out.  We will also look at what you can do to prepare for a tornado, even though there is little to no warning as well as what to do and what not to do during a tornado.

Are the skies darker than usual?  Is there a funny color to the clouds?  Do they seem to be moving in a circular pattern?  Learn the warning signs of a tornado and what you as a prepper can be doing to get ready for this year’s season, which by the way, starts next month!

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