Stress, Cooler Heads Will Prevail

Cooler Heads Will Prevail
Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live” Listen in player below!

Stress, Cooler Heads Will PrevailAll about calming, nervine and adaptogenic herbs. People underestimate the impact stress has on their health. People do not make their best decisions when under stress. Stress prompts us to act without thinking. If we are anxious, if we panic, if we are desperate, we lose our ability to think clearly. We do and say things that are not in our best interest. Read more “Stress, Cooler Heads Will Prevail”


Gunshot Wounds in a Post-Disaster Environment!

Gunshot wounds in a post-disaster environment!
Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path”

TeachingEverybody who prepares for the worst should have at least one firearm and preferably much more than just one. Pistol, rifle and shotgun are all necessary weapons to own for defense and hunting. Anyone owning weapons should also incorporate firearm training and maintenance into their regular schedule. However, the last thing that anyone should ever want to have happen is to be in a firefight. Especially in a post-disaster environment.

GunshotRegardless of how well you train, if you are in a gun battle, you stand a good chance of being shot. You must anticipate how to deal with a gunshot wound of yourself or someone else close to you, as seriously as you train with your firearm.

I will talk about first aid from A to Z (as much as I can in 1 hour) for a gunshot wound. This will include both immediate first aid as well as follow up medical care in the case that there is no higher definitive care available. As always, I will assume the worst and that you have a minimum of or even no pharmaceutical medicine available, and will talk about plant medicine and other ways of dealing with initial trauma and long-term infection. Read more “Gunshot Wounds in a Post-Disaster Environment!”