Camo, your gun’s best friend!

Camo, your gun’s best friend!
Host: Dave Womack “The Gun Show”

CamoRecently, a friend of mine, Tire Iron, wrote an article about the importance of camo on your gun. You camo yourself, so why don’t you camo your gun?
Anyone that carries a gun, the concealed carry holder, those that keep a firearm for home defense, to those in the armed services should be aware of Target Indicators and recognize if they are violating any of them, and be able to identify the bad guys when they violate them.
The first Target Indicator we will explore is SHAPE. Nearly everything that is man made looks different than things that were made by nature. Nature *rarely* creates anything in straight lines, or right angles, or true cylinders. Here is an example of a SHAPE violation. Read more “Camo, your gun’s best friend!”