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Putin wars & the dark side!

Putin wars: the dark side strikes back Matthew Gilman “The Collapse Experiment” The week on the collapse experiment, a Russian airliner crashed into the Sinai desert in Egypt. All 224 people on board were killed. The initial reports said the plane broke up while in flight leading investigators to believe it was a terrorist act.…
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November 8, 2015 0

World News and It’s Hunting Season!

World News and It’s Hunting Season! Mathew Gilman “The Collapse Experiment” On this episode of the Collapse Experiment… Around the world the hunt is on. Here in Michigan bow season for deer is in. Turkey season is in full swing with me unable to get a license in time, sigh. In Syria, Putin is also…
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October 17, 2015 0

Consequences of leadership!

On this episode of I Am Liberty we are lucky enough to have Steven Austakalnis. Tonight is the night for questions and calls. If you have theories about decisions being made, events across the world Steven makes it his business to know the business of the world. We are in for an excellent show so…
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June 21, 2013 0

Perpetuating endless wars through fearmongering!

Join your host Chris on The Preppers Poitin Hour as he talks about wars and rumors of war.  With the rhetoric toward Syria ramping, there is North Korea , Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya brewing on the back burner.  The complicit media is abetting the government as they perpetuate endless wars through fearmongering, insinuation, and…
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May 13, 2013 0