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10 things you should know about the sun to survive!

10 things you should know about the sun to survive! For an average Earthman, the Sun is the source of life. But if you find yourself stuck in the desert, you will soon start thinking the opposite. Although it takes light from the Sun 8 minutes to reach our planet, it is still powerful enough…
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March 13, 2018 0

Gadgets & Gear needed to survive!

Gadgets & Gear needed to survive! Highlander “Survival & Tech Preps“ Audio player provided! In the event of something happening, what gadgets & gear do you have? What do you think you need? I will go over some of the items that we should consider for survival for convenience, or just for comfort. A lot…
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August 1, 2017 0

Are you training to Survive or to Kill?

Are you training to Survive or to Kill? James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio in player below! We often get the best look at ourselves when we separate from what we do on a daily basis. In survival and preparedness heavy introspection is so important. It’s a lonely and oftentimes thankless effort that only shows…
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April 20, 2017 0

Life In The Remote Wilderness!

Life In The Remote Wilderness – Could You Do It? Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead” Could you live in the remote wilderness?  Karen Lynn says she could rough it for a while but doesn’t know if she is as tough as Ron’s wife Johanna. Ron Melchiore is an Outdoorsman, Pioneer, Homesteader, Remote Exploration Camp Manager…
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September 7, 2016 0

David McIntyre from History Channels Alone

David McIntyre from History Channels Alone Josh “The 7P’s of survival” This episode we  have David McIntyre from History Channels Alone on the show and we talk about his life’s journey leading up to his choice to take part in ALONE. Once we learn a little about his background we dig into what he decided to…
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May 25, 2016 0

Surviving the first 72 hours!

Surviving the first 72 hours! DJ Cooper “SurvivingDystopia” We are told over and over again to have a 72 hour bag.  This bag will help get you home or just get you through those first 3 days. Thinking back to previous shows and to even the page for this show.  There is a quote by…
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March 10, 2016 3

Mountaineering 101

Mountaineering 101 Joshua “The 7 P’s Of Survival” Not just about Mountaineering but the skills to survive. Great show! This week on the 7 P’s Of Survival we will have Tyler Anderson on the show and we will be talking all things Mountaineering (not West Virginia University, but if you want to talk about that…
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October 20, 2015 0

Surviving an Urban Disaster!

Surviving an Urban Disaster! Lynn “A Preppers Path” Disaster Happens, it’s a given whether man-made or natural, we can pretty much know that at some given time or another we or a loved one will have to endure and survive a disaster. Often times when discussing such things the conversation can take on some pretty…
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June 1, 2015 0

Let’s Be Rational

Let’s Be Rational Host: Jackie “Apocalypse Nana” This week Apocalypse Nana asks one of the most important questions at end-times: To ration or not to ration in your bunker? Who isn’t going to think of this question during an apocalypse? Surely, everyone will. Starvation and survival has everything to with rationing food in your bunker,…
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March 12, 2015 0

Fighting the Hunger Game!

Fighting the Hunger Game! Host: Jackie “Apocalypse Nana” As you take your first sip of that morning cup of coffee–Boom! In that instant your world changed. Within a few hours chaos took over the treats of your city. You soon learn that a disaster has risen. Are you prepared? We are not just talking about…
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February 26, 2015 0

Natural instincts, realizing & using!

Natural instincts, realizing & using! Prepping, realizing our natural instincts! The natural instinct to prepare, to be aware of what is happening around us is inherent in every living creature on this planet. However, man like no other living organism has the ability to modify his instinct without knowing he is doing so. Animals exist,…
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August 26, 2014 0

Primitive Skills, Putting Them to the Test: Do you have what it takes?

Primitive Skills, Putting Them to the Test: Do you have what it takes? Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path”   Thanks to television and the internet, there are a lot of misconceptions today about what it actually takes to survive in the woods. In our first-world environment in North America, we grow up now without…
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December 31, 2013 0

Being Prepared To Survive

Being Prepared To Survive Host: Denob “The Prepared Canadian” In the end, I think I brought myself to a revelation as to just what it means to be a prepper Never have I been so hard pressed to come up with a show description as I am now. When I first sat down to record…
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December 21, 2013 2