First hand training in the art of NIGHT VISION.

Dave Womach Provides Cover Fire
Dave Womach Provides Cover Fire

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Contact 12 o’clock, 200 yards!  Alpha team move up!  Bravo team, why the hell isn’t your weapon up?  Get those guns talking boys!  Let ‘em have it!  *BOOM*

Those words reverberate through my mind like the echo of a 50 cal over an open desert.  Bouncing around in my head, reminding me of the successes and failures of my recent training.  Forcing me to reflect on my experiences through the tone of a gentle ringing in my ears, and the faint glow of Night-Vision-Green inside my mind.

So let’s get past the fancy words, and straight to the truth. 
If you’re a prepper, you’re going to die when SHTF.
  That’s it.  Clear and simple.  You’ll be providing thousands of dollars of brand new gear, albeit blood stained, to people who out-trained you. Read more “First hand training in the art of NIGHT VISION.”