State of Michigan vs “Bakers Green Acres”

State of  Michigan vs “Bakers Green Acres”
Host: Renee “The Homestead Honey Hour”

State of Michigan vs "Bakers Green Acres"Back in March, I interviewed Mark Baker of Baker’s Green Acres here on the Homestead Honey Hour. Mark is a retired air force veteran, now sustainably farming in northern Michigan State along with his wife and 8 children. If you missed that show, Mark and his family were and still are involved in a legal briefs for their right to farm, specifically to continue their pasture-raised hog operation. Using an incredibly ambiguously-written Invasive Species Order or ISO, (which, by description basically outlaws ANY pig), the Michigan DNR went after Mark’s main livestock: His heritage breed Mangalista hogs. Read more “State of Michigan vs “Bakers Green Acres””