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Creating On a Budget; Living Simple!

Creating On a Budget; Living Simple! Contributed by “Dakota” Being rich is a state of mind, mostly. I’ve never had a lot of money, but I’ve enjoyed the riches of others through my culinary career. I have work, good health, love, friends, live among nature, and a spiritual path. To me that’s riches. I’ve never…
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December 25, 2017 1

The Simple Life

The Simple Life Thoughts and recipe contributed by Dakota The stove crackles, the coffee pot gurgles. The herd of deer have been fed, the wild barn cats as well. Quiet time in the cabin, nestled in a grove of majestic cedars and snow frosted hills……Its chilly this morning. I sigh with gratitude and contentment for…
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November 26, 2017 1


BACK TO EDEN & PAUL GAUTSCHI! It’s been a week since I posted about tonight’s live show with the return of our host Katzcradul and her guests the producers of Back to Eden and special guest Paul Gautschi. The response across the internet has been overwhelming. Almost everyone is familiar with Back to Eden the…
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June 24, 2015 0

Live Simply, Consciously, and Deliberately

Live Simply, Consciously, and Deliberately When I woke this morning and began my daily task, I began thinking on simplicity and what it really means to “Live Simply”.  When you look back over time, when folks really did live a simple life they had only what they needed to survive.  Simple food, simple clothing, and…
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May 3, 2015 0