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“Shield” yourself from the I.R.S.

“Shield” yourself from the I.R.S.
Hosts: Nick & Don “We Grow Ours”

“Shield”This week on the We Grow Ours Show, Nick and Don continue sharing the tools of sustainability and empowerment of independence with a VERY special guest. She’s a “goddess” in her field and an author with the know-how. She has watched the business scene and developed a talent for learning from the success and failures of others. We all want to be more independent and self-sufficient, but how do you do that while depending on your 9-5 day job? A job where you trade the nonrenewable resource time for the ever fleeting, never sustaining dollar! Sustainability and independence are not limited to your food and fuel supply, but your daily earnings too. Shauna will give us advice on starting a new company, give us a glimpse into the world of taxes and business and tell us how to “shield” ourselves from the demonic lords known as the I.R.S…. Continue reading “Shield” yourself from the I.R.S.