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Family Vacation & Still Prepping

Family Vacation & Still Prepping
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio in player below!

Family Vacation & Still PreppingI know we dedicate a lot of time and money to prepping and survival but I am a firm believer in balance. I think as important as it is to be prepared it’s just as important to hit the road and go on vacation. That said, you still need to be prepared on the road. Of course, things can go terribly wrong and you must have a plan to either get home to safety or find safety Continue reading Family Vacation & Still Prepping


Gun Safety For Preppers!

Gun Safety For Preppers
James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio in player below!

Gun Safety For PreppersAs preppers, we have a very real responsibility. We are gun owners (or better be) and how we conduct ourselves is very important. Though it may be easy to forget the Newtown Massacre was conducted using the prepper mother’s guns. This is a very real blow for our community. In 2017 I hope that the word prepper becomes synonymous not with nat geo or gun violence but with the future of this nation and Continue reading Gun Safety For Preppers!


Wood stove, remedy creosote problems

Wood stove, remedy creosote problems
by Paul Stevens

Wood stove creosoteResolving creosote and other safety considerations in wood burning stoves and fireplaces.

If your wood stove chimney is creating a serious creosote problem, you are probably encountering cold air hitting the outside of the chimney and cooling the gases down too quickly before they escape into the air. This can happen on single metal pipe chimneys or where an extension has been added to a masonry chimney. Continue reading Wood stove, remedy creosote problems


Practices in Safety During a Societal Collapse!

Practices in Safety During a Societal Collapse
Host: Barbara Fix & Big John Lipscomb

PracticesThis Tuesday on Off Grid Preppers, Big John and Barbara will talk about safety during a time of societal Collapse. If you plan to run a generator or use oil lamps and emergency candles for a grid-down situation, learn tactical measures how NOT to announce your preparedness to others who may want what you have! Join us for thought-provoking measures you can put into place now that will avoid your becoming a victim when the world around us is in meltdown. See you on Off Grid Preppers!

PracticesOff Grid Preppers with popular radio talk show host Big John Lipscomb and Barbara Fix brings take-no-prisoners advice to liberate your life through penny-pinching preparedness. We’ll discuss prepping from A-Z that includes tips on food storage, gardening, and food preservation to safety, grid-down survival and news impacting self-sufficiency to help you get prepared for the changes headed our way.
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School, The New Threat to Children!

School, The New Threat to Children
Host: James “I Am Liberty”

SchoolI think every generation looks at the society and proclaims it to be “falling apart.” Nothing like the good ol’ days. Well what were once baggy pants, piercings, tattoos and pregnancies I think our children’s schools have set a new precedent and that is for violence and terroristic threats? I can think of no greater challenge than sending our kids, unprepared and willingly, into a hostile environment.

Tonight on I AM Liberty I want to talk about preparing our children for school. Not so much the abc’s of things but the shocking realization that they could find themselves in a situation where their life is threatened. Do your kids leave home each day with that knowledge or the tools and skills to survive a situation like that? Continue reading School, The New Threat to Children!


Bugging out? How ’bout a Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle?

Gun Show 5-6 125There’s been a lot of talk about Bugging Out lately, even in the main stream media. So when it comes time to do the dirty, are you ready? What about your vehicle?

On this Monday, May 6 edition of The Gun Show, Dave Womach will be interviewing Merrick Maxfield from 4x4Bodies.com. He specializes in Zombie Apocalypse vehicles, under the pretense of just building some Gun Show2 5-6 125really kick-butt rigs. Have you considered taking that old Rav4 and turning it into an armor plated machine capable of getting you and your family to safety?

Merrick creates kits that can be modified to fit any frame. In fact, many of his clients go get a beat-up clunker that’s been rolled, strip it down to the frame, and build their own rigs capable of mounting a 50 cal and a small squad ready for deployment. This will be a very interesting show!
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