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Clean Water as a Barter Item

Clean Water as a Barter Item

Russ Michaud – www.homespunenvironmental.com

Everyone agrees that water is a must have essential at the top of the list for survival preparations. It is prudent to have a back up source of potable water in case of temporary infrastructure problems and natural disasters. Usually this is in the form of a case or two of bottled water stored away somewhere. For folks that are looking at the potential of longer term outages a small amount of bottled water will not be enough; some kind of water source and water purification system is needed. This paper goes one step further to describe using clean water as a barter item. In worst case situations, clean water could become more valuable than gold or silver…

There are two ways you can barter water. First would be to physically purify water and barter for other goods and services. This can be done but is a bit difficult due to the transportation issues. Continue reading Clean Water as a Barter Item