Responsibility as parents with guns!

Responsibility as parents with guns
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Responsibility as parents with gunsGrowing up my dad used to say to me that “gun control is a steady hand” whenever an argument percolated in the media about restrictions on firearms. As a youngster, it was not a slogan or a gimmick. It was not an argument for or against. It was a simple statement that holds a paramount truth of gun ownership, stewardship and responsibility.

A touchy subject now, especially when it comes to kids. We are often exposed to atrocities of misuse of firearms by minors, irresponsible parents, or a combination of the two. Media slant covers the dark side of the gun debate en masse. But what about the hordes of responsible parents and minors that are able to control themselves and shoulder the responsibility Read more “Responsibility as parents with guns!”


Fundamentals of family relations!

FamilyThis week on the Charlie in the Box radio show, I will be talking about family. Most of us have one in some sort. They are all very different but the fundamentals of a family are all the same, love, companionship, guidance, morals and values. Parents and Grandparents is where we should have picked up some of these traits from. In today’s society it looks like we have our schools teaching our kids what the parents used too. It seems like MTV and Hollywood has taken the place of the Grandparent in telling the grandchildren stories. So if we could sit down and have a family talk with Charlie in the Box, let’s see what can of worms we can open up with this week’s subject… “Family”. I’ve learned a lot of different things from my Mom, because my Dad wasn’t around. Maybe there is someone missing from your life.

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