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Homeland Security changes course prepares for Nuclear War!

Homeland Security changes course prepares for Nuclear War! This could be everything; it may be nothing. I recently received a letter from a credible person I know fairly well and the information within should be extremely concerning to anyone who lives in the U.S. or even abroad. With the threat of North Korea, the following…
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December 18, 2017 1

World War III on Apocalypse Nana!

World War III Host: Jackie “Apocalypse Nana” North Korea sets up posts on the border of South Korea, they have ballistic missiles that can travel over four thousand miles, all while negotiating with Russia with high tech fighter jets. The premises for a World War III. It all starts somewhere, whether it is the assignation…
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January 15, 2015 2

Perpetuating endless wars through fearmongering!

Join your host Chris on The Preppers Poitin Hour as he talks about wars and rumors of war.  With the rhetoric toward Syria ramping, there is North Korea , Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya brewing on the back burner.  The complicit media is abetting the government as they perpetuate endless wars through fearmongering, insinuation, and…
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May 13, 2013 0

Armageddon Preppin and a look at the current situation in North Korea!

This week on The Prepared Canadian I have a product review for something that I feel has been lacking in the prepper community for some time.  It’s a card game called Armageddon Preppin and it will be on sale soon, so be sure to look out for it. Also, I’ll take a look at the…
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April 13, 2013 0