Range Bags, gear, and gun mags!

Range Bags, gear, and gun mags Dane… “The Gunmetal Armory” Audio player provided! For Gunmetal Armory’s 4th show, and our first HOLIDAY SHOW, we discuss a few topics that came to us via request. We are going to talk range bags, rifle & pistol mags, Good mags vs. Bad mags, Good ammo vs. Corrosive “Bad”…
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December 1, 2017 0

MAGS: Mutual Assistance Groups!

Mutual Assistance Groups! Host: Tara “Common Sense Prepping” Charley Hogwood of P.R.E.P. (Personal Readiness Education Programs) is the featured guest on the next episode of Tara and Common Sense Prepping. Hogwood’s preparedness and tactical training related resume is lengthy, to say the least. In addition to offering extensive and personally detailed survival training courses at his…
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November 17, 2013 0