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Art and Science of Plant Medicine

The Art and Science of Plant Medicine – a discussion with herbalist Lisa Ganora
Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path

Plant Medicine CSCH_Logo_Final_Color_Boulder5This week, Sam Coffman pulls out and dusts off an old podcast from several years ago. He interviews Lisa Ganora, who has taken over the ownership and direction of the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in Boulder Colorado. Lisa also wrote a fantastic book about the constituents of plants. Lisa was raised with family members teaching her folk medicine, and originally did not have much of a desire to care about the more western, scientific approaches to botany and plant medicine. However, she eventually received degrees in botany and chemistry, and came back around to look at herbalism from the other side. In this regard, she offers a very balanced look at plant medicine that both incorporates the vitalistic connection between human beings and plants, as well as the scientific approach that focuses on the actual mechanisms of the plant world and how they interact with the mechanisms of our own body. Continue reading Art and Science of Plant Medicine