Rabbit Meat & Hostile Hare!

Rabbit Meat & Hostile Hare!
Host: Lynna “Other Side… A Preppers Path”

RabbitHere comes Peter Cotton Tail! Well not exactly as that perception could way lay some from taking part in a live food storage project available to nearly everyone. Whether you live in an urban area or the country raising rabbits is doable. Not only doable but a real boon for the pantry and self-sufficiency.

We often hear the term rabbit and we think of Peter Cotton Tail or some other cute furry creature scampering about, but rarely do we think about the incredible food source the rabbit is. What we also don’t think about is the incredible ease in which one can get started raising their own meat source. The cost per animal is minimal in comparison to the yield per pound of meat, food costs again are minimal and you can actually raise your own fodder. (Fodder for those not in the know yet is basically course feed for livestock the whole plant including stems, leaves and stalks). Read more “Rabbit Meat & Hostile Hare!”