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Ancient Coins and Currency

Ancient Coins and Currency Ray Becker… “The Ray Becker Show” Audio player provided! Economic news and report on Market conditions and indices. ALSO Discussion about ancient coins and forms of money. Ancient Israel, Greece, Rome and the other advanced civilizations. Also look at coins and forms of payment for other civilizations. From ancient currency we’ll…
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July 26, 2017 0

Gold, Silver and Diversifying Income

Gold, Silver and Diversifying Income James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio in player below! There was a time when your faithful host was just a scared newbie lost in a sea of articles about the impending economic collapse and the death of the US dollar. I knew my history so the idea of wheelbarrows of…
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December 8, 2016 1

Predictions, The Robo Homestead and Others!

Predictions, The Robo Homestead and Others! Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty” Where is the world going? Weren’t we supposed to be at $19.00 a gallon gas. Nobody and I mean nobody saw the $1.90 gas coming. Its always fun to sit down and look at facts and rationally make predictions about where this world…
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January 23, 2015 0

A time honored skill used by untold numbers of people in the pursuit of water, minerals, and more.

Dowsing? Personally, I have not much faith in dowsing although I have known several people including a few of my own relatives who will swear by this method of finding many things besides just water. My first thought is always, if you are an expert at dowsing why have you not dowsed for gold, silver,…
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December 30, 2012 0

Preppers prepare for the day your money buys you nothing

A reply by APN member Tom Bergstrand to a post on Americanpreppersnetwork I am a weekend prospector as are many of my friends. Problem with selling gold (not so much silver) is that it has to go through too many hands to get to the top. Gold at $1600? NO WAY!!! You go to sell…
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July 29, 2011 0