Using SDR for SHTF Information Gathering!

Using SDR for SHTF Information Gathering
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If the Internet crashed or was restricted due to FCC regulations and you wanted to get the news how would you do it? With small, $20 piece of hardware and a computer you can listen to police, fire, and EMS. Did you know that you can track aircraft flying in your area? SDR allows you to see any commercial and civilian aircraft within a very large area. Even some military aircraft can be tracked with altitude and flight numbers clearly available. SDR also allows you to predict the weather. Read more “Using SDR for SHTF Information Gathering!”


The Gathering! Apocalypse Nana

The Gathering!
Host: Jacqueline Druga “Apocalypse Nana

Gathering Apocalipse Nana apocanana 500x500Imagine this scenario. A variation of Hemorrhagic Fever, like Ebola, is airborne. With in months, countries are brought down to their knees, by the end of a year, mother nature has won. You, of course, are one of very few survivors. You have lost everything and everyone you love through the sickness and looting. You are alone, completely alone. What do you do?

One would think the options aren’t there, but in fact they are. As a solo survivor do you forage for what you need, focus only on yourself, secure your homestead and spend the rest of your days alone? Read more “The Gathering! Apocalypse Nana”


Foraging For Life!

Introduction to Foraging for Life.

This first airing of “Foraging for Life” will cover how to identify what region you live in and what types of foraging is available. Where to find identification materials that are suited to your lifestyle and why that is important. Learning the seasons of different edibles and looking for places to “treasure hunt” within your area. Being safe while gathering and foraging etiquette.

We hear it all around us, “Times are tough, prices are outrageous, everything is going up except my wages…” Would you like to learn how to gather food from the wild for free? Have you ever asked yourself, ” If I got lost in the deep woods without provisions, how would I survive?”
The senses can be trained to pick up on things that most walk past. Foraging, gathering, gleaning; whatever you care to call it, can be a life saving skill. I sometimes refer to it as treasure hunting! I have at times set out to find a particular food, weather it be berries or fungi, and came home with wild medicinal herbs, pine pitch or cones. I’m amazed at the vast array and abundance that our planet provides for us naturally…we just have to learn to read her labels of identification.
Wouldn’t you love to know how to preserve for later use that which you have just gleaned from nature? I have lots of wonderful tips and procedures, recipes and tricks of the trade to help you find a wealth of useful skills to keep your treasures stable for later use.
I invite you to join me in Foraging For Life to discuss and share the skills and knowledge of gathering wild edibles. Not only will we expand our ability to identify and use that which nature supplies, but we will also strengthen our sense of self-reliance by shedding some light on the practice of foraging. I gladly welcome any of your experiences and knowledge, please feel free to come check out the show and share them with me. Hope to see you there!

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Grab-and-Go Kit must- haves and tips on gathering wild edible and medicinal plants.

Prepping for something unexpected like being stranded in grid-lock a long ways from home requires planning. What would you want in your Grab-and-Go kit for unforeseen emergencies and how would you survive if your food supply ran out? Join Hedy Hammond, Off Grid Prepper’s new co-host, and me as we discuss Grab-and-Go Kit must- haves and tips on gathering wild edible and medicinal plants.

Due to unforseen bad weather creating problems for our host, this show is a re-broadcast of Off Grid preppers first show that I thought one of the best with guest Big John Lipscomb. To see details  and listen to this show go Here!