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Escape and Evasion Part 2

Escape and Evasion Part 2 – On the road
Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path

Escape TeachingThis week, Sam Coffman continues this 2-part series about the bugout.  Once you have packed your bags, figured out where and how you are traveling, and have made the decision to leave, what are all of the issues on the road that you should be prepared for?

This week will wrap up the 2-part podcast series on bugging out, with enough information to give you some idea of how to realistically plan for a full bugout scenario from point A to point B, and all of the possible issues that could arise during this time where you are most susceptible to security and survival challenges.

In this week’s podcast, Sam discusses such topics as: Continue reading Escape and Evasion Part 2


Urban Survival

Urban Survival – From Bugging In to Escape & Evasion
Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path”

Urban SurvivalThere are a host of skills that a person must learn in order to be comfortable with survival in a post-disaster, urban environment.  Food, water, shelter, security, medicine, transportation, power and so much more.  How would you deal with life in an urban area if the grid went down and chaos ruled the streets?  Would you know how to stay safe, secure, well-fed and healthy?  Where would you get your water from if you ran out?  Most importantly, how would you get out of the urban area if you had to?  When would you make that decision and what would you take with you?  If you have friends and family, do you know how to travel in a caravan, pick the routes that will get you safely out of town and respond to everything from a flat tire to an ambush? Continue reading Urban Survival