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Wood stove, remedy creosote problems

Wood stove, remedy creosote problems
by Paul Stevens

Wood stove creosoteResolving creosote and other safety considerations in wood burning stoves and fireplaces.

If your wood stove chimney is creating a serious creosote problem, you are probably encountering cold air hitting the outside of the chimney and cooling the gases down too quickly before they escape into the air. This can happen on single metal pipe chimneys or where an extension has been added to a masonry chimney. Continue reading Wood stove, remedy creosote problems


Prepping and getting ready for colder weather.

Winter’s coming!!!  This week on Prepping with GoatHollow, we’ll talk about getting ready for colder weather.  How much fire wood do you have stored away, do you have a way to burn it?  is your chimney
clean?  If SHTF happens in some horrible way between now and Christmas…. Would you be able to keep warm until Spring brings warm weather once again?
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