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Prepping For Camping : 7 Camping Mistakes To Avoid

  Owing to our busy lives, hectic work schedule, and sedentary lifestyle, we face difficulty in coping with the fast pace of this modern era. No wonder the millennials are trying to seek refuge in vacationing, solo travel, and adventure activities. Camping is the perfect way to unwind under the stars, soak in the warmth…
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November 8, 2019 0

Camping Tips: Do you need a generator while camping?

Camping Tips: Do you need a generator while camping? Camping is a fun and more unique way to enjoy some time outdoors. It can be approached in many different ways from more glamorous glamping to bare bone survivalist and fun family trips with a greater emphasis on games. Camping in some form is an activity…
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May 3, 2019 0

Involving Kids in Preparedness

Happy New Year! It’s time to get those kids involved in preparedness. How do we do that? Kids are smarter than we give them credit for and we must realize that they can handle a lot more than we think. Kids want to help, they want to get involved, they want to do what you…
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January 11, 2019 0

Best Outdoor Camping Equipment for Preppers

Best Outdoor Camping Equipment for Preppers Camping is a fantastic opportunity for preppers to exercise their skills and get used to the idea of an emergency situation. So, if you want to be truly prepared pack up the right equipment (as I listed it below) and head to the woods for a night or two…
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October 9, 2018 0

Devoting Time to the Dry Run “Practice”

Devoting Time to the Dry Run “Practice” Ryan Buford “The Next Generation” Audio player below! In this episode, we explore the importance of taking a dry run – a testing process “practice” to mitigate the effects of possible failure. In most situations where Murphy’s Law comes into play you’ll need to pull out all the…
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June 25, 2018 1

The Essential Things All Hunters Should Have!

The Essential Things All Hunters Should Have! Hunting is not just all about having high-end weapons and other equipment, but it is also about overcoming the harsh and most inconvenient environment. Thus, to be an effective hunter, you should be prepared for whatever is ahead of your hunting venture. You should take note of these…
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April 22, 2017 0

Fishing for Pike and Walleye

Fishing for Pike and Walleye Josh “7 P’s of Survival” On this episode of the 7 P’s Of Survival radio show we are doing an after action report. Learn all about my two week fishing trip to Lac Sairs, Quebec and it’s tributaries. Over the past two weeks I have been fishing for pike and walleye with…
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September 14, 2016 0

Hammock camping!

Hammock camping Josh “The 7 P’s of Survival” This Week on the 7 P’s of Survival Live Show we will be talking all things hammock camping and winter hammock camping with the guys from Jacksrbetter.com! I have had the pleasure of using their Mt. Washington and Winter Nest Underquilts

December 9, 2015 0

September 2015 Are You Prepared?

September 2015 Are You Prepared? James Walton “I Am Liberty” I was joking about the severity of September in a podcast I put out this week entitled Fear, Trump and Spiced Pumpkin. I was jesting about how everyone knows when a collapse is coming until the day it really comes. There are religious correlations and…
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August 14, 2015 0

Frugal Summer Fun!

Frugal Summer Fun Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead” This week Karen Lynn joins you to share about Frugal Summer Fun and how her and the Viking celebrate good times in the summer, parties, ho-downs, camping, dealing with being on call and more! She takes you through some of her favorite recipes, summer fun ideas with…
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June 16, 2015 0

Homesteading Legal Issues & More!

Homesteading Legal Issues & More! Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead” Joshua’s blog caught Karen Lynn’s attention when she saw the post “Homesteading Legal Issues” at his 7 P’s Survival Blog and he brought up some issues involving gun laws, open carry of knives and more.  Joshua is a Primitive Skills and Preparedness enthusiast who in…
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June 9, 2015 0

Camping and Tips as told by Prepper Mike B.

As I was driving up the winding Mink Creek Road into the Caribou National Forrest, southwest of Pocatello, Idaho. I reflected on a Memorial weekend camp out 14 years ago in the Buffalo Campground at Island Park, Idaho. I was joined by my sister and her two boys. Instead of enjoying the sounds of nature,…
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July 5, 2011 1