The Anyone Can Farm Academy!

HHH pigsWhen the Michigan DNR all but shut down farmer Mark Baker’s successful, pasture-raised, pork operation in Marion Michigan, he became the embodiment of that old adage:   When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.    Mark, his wife Jill, and their eight children re-grouped and decided to go in a new direction.   If they wouldn’t be allowed to raise healthy, naturally-produced food for people, they would do the next best thing:   Teach people to raise it themselves.

And thus, the “Anyone Can Farm: America’s Farm to Fork Academy” project was launched.

Modern farming relies heavily on fossil fuels, genetically modified seeds (GMO’s), soil-depleting farming techniques, and crowded animal-husbandry practices in order to produce cheap, plentiful food.  This cheap, factory-farm food is the bland, nutrient-vacant fare filling our grocery store shelves. To listen to this show… Read more “The Anyone Can Farm Academy!”