The Alaskan Wilderness, Could You Survive?

The Alaskan Wilderness, Could You Survive?
Host: Karen Lynn “Lil’ Suburban Homestead”

Alaskan WildernessKaren Lynn has a special guest on her show this week Bonnie Rose Ward Author of The Winds of Skilak “A tale of True Grit, Love, and Survival In The Alaskan Wilderness”. We will hear all about Bonnie and her husband Sam’s adventures in the off-grid Alaskan wilderness away from modern day conveniences such as phones, grocery stores, medical care just to name a few.

The Alaskan wilderness many have gone and few have stayed in particular as Bonnie alluded to in the book women would go to Alaska but often would not stay. The temperatures get extremely cold and roads, lakes, and travel ways are extremely treacherous to travel. Read more “The Alaskan Wilderness, Could You Survive?”