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5 Acres and A Dream!

5 Acres and A Dream
Host: Renee “Homestead Honey Hour

5-12 5 Acres and A DreamModern day homesteaders seek out an agrarian lifestyle for a laundry list of reasons and come from a multitude of backgrounds. Within this growing segment of the population going “back to the land” are more than a few baby-boomers.

Beginning to homestead as a middle-aged person has its unique set of challenges, and joys. No one knows this better than Leigh Tate, who along with her husband Daniel, decided to begin homesteading as empty-nesters. At the age when most couples are looking to down-size and move into a low-maintenance condo allowing for more leisure activities, the Tates were looking for land, livestock, and a life that would require more of them physically, mentally, and at times, emotionally. Continue reading 5 Acres and A Dream!