May 10, 2021


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Zombie Survival Camp!
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Zombie Survival Camp MarkOn this Episode we welcome Mark from theZombieSurvival Camp to talk about the services this camp offers. I know what you are thinking, the zombie survival camp, are you serious is this even legit? But It is, a real camp to train for firearms, crossbow, self-defense with knives and melee weapons, as well as bug out bags, first aid, shelter building, using night vision and team leadership.

3-6-16 Groupofgirls_1Mark has a lot of stories to talk about doing this as long as he has  and he knows his stuff! The need for training is an absolute these days when we are not certain of our future. What he offers is an edge for those that would otherwise be helpless in a shtf/wrol situation.

I know what everyone thinks when they hear the name zombie, but this is a genuine service and well worth it! Join us as we discuss the in’s and out of training for survival, and defense. It may be hard for some people to grasp the concept of having to use these skills to survive but it may save you or a loved one’s life some day.

3-6-16 InstructorsWe all know the world might not be the friendliest when shtf , so it is great we have a service like Zombie Survival Camp to offer what they do. Personally I feel this type of camp is one of the greatest things that could ever happen to the prepper community. It provides that training that you just simply cannot get anywhere else. Sure you can get firearms training in places, but when you combine shelter making, first aid, small arms, crossbows, and the other numerous services, you just simply cannot beat it.

Listen in as we talk about all of the cool things he does for the patrons of his service at the Zombie Survival Camp. As always enjoy the show!
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