October 23, 2021


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“Breaking News” Our Word: Recovered Journals

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Our Word: Recovered Journals
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty

Our Word newIt’s a celebration! Tonight on I AM Liberty. My new book is out and I would like to take the night to revel in the fact. I will probably twist the cap off a Hank’s Root beer and talk about whatever comes to mind. Sure we will touch on news, high level. For most of the show though we will talk about writing, fav poems, books, movies, foods, love.

I would also like to discuss the importance behind celebration. One of the things we do as we putter through this world is, those of us with a conscience anyway, we pulverize ourselves when we make mistakes. We blame ourselves for days, months and weeks at a time. It drives us into depression most of the time. Then when we do break through and do something great we post a couple pics on Facebook and forget it. It’s always about balance. When we accomplish something it’s important to celebrate it just as much as we crush ourselves over failures.

Our Word bookOur Word: Recovered Journals
Price: Hardback-8.99 Kindle -3.99
Page Count: 245

Synopsis: Written in the form of a case study the book is collection of Journals studied by a man name J. Singfire. His anthropological study is on a period of time in America known as the Dark Decades (2019-2041) in which the country all but disintegrated. There are four Journals belonging to a diverse group that lived through the early days of the aforementioned period.

Sharon Kimball is an IT professional living in Phoenix who comes face to face with a human trafficking ring. Kurtis O’Leary, a father who lost so much in the early days of this time period and is struggling to keep Connor, his son, alive. Gilbert Hernandez is a criminal, plain and simple. Fighting for food and money keeps him from mugging and hurting people. Terrance Howard is the prepper. Deep inside a bunker with his family Terrance reflects on the days leading up to this terrifying time, that is, until a group of marauders gets a whiff of his location.

Advisory: This book is written in the form of personal journals. The characters are living through the most difficult and terrifying times in American history. Most of them curse out of frustration and emotion.
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