November 27, 2022


Self reliance and independence

The Digital Age: Technology!

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The Digital Age: Technology! When is it too much?
Jordan “A Family Affair” audio provided below!

The Digital Age: TechnologyDuring this time every year, everyone is getting ready for the holiday season. Buying presents and gadgets, all sorts of technology at our fingertips. Being able to purchase gifts has been simplified by technology. Even everyday life has been altered.  Did you know that most stores offer a “click-it” option in were you can input your grocery list and pay for it. Then all you have to do is pull up, hit a button on your app and the store staff members bring out your groceries and load it in your car for you. How amazing is that? Being able to purchase and even pay for everything with just a click of a button.

But how much convenience is too much? In a digital age were technology has become a god of its own, and its users are mindless worshipers. These worshipers are so engulfed with their god, they are just short of a human sacrifice. That’s just it, they have sacrificed some of the most critical parts of themselves.  I am not saying all technology is bad, Our advancements in science and medical have made some amazing and wonderful breakthroughs.  But when you become so dependent upon an electronic device that you are unable to function properly, then it becomes a huge problem.  In today’s time, no one memorizes numbers any more. All because of the convenience of a cell phone that has every number you could possibly want or need in it. Cars with cameras and lane alerts, that are “safety features” but takes the amount of focus required from the driver. People are becoming so dependent upon the technology that they don’t have to think anymore.
So what do you do when the power goes out? Your phone dies on a long trip, sure you could charge it and get your GPS back. Do you know how to read a map. Do individuals even carry and Atlas anymore?  I do. Even though I know my children are growing up in a digital age, does not mean they have to be consumed by it. Join us as we discuss the limitation that we set for our family and how those who are so dependent on electronics are handicapping themselves. Self reliance and self sufficiency is a fading lifestyle. As a member of the prepping community we want to be able to survive any situation thrown at us. Know how to handle you life without technology. There is no guarantee that the power will always be on. You can use technology, but don’t allow this electrical god to consume you to a point, that your humanity and will to survive on your own is taken.
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