July 2, 2022


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Technology: The Advantage in Preparedness!

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Technology: The Advantage in Preparedness!

Technology: The Advantage in PreparednessThe forgotten ways are essential to living a more self reliant lifestyle. Learning the basics of building, gardening, preservation and cooking come to mind when I think of these most important skills. They can be the foundation of a powerful preparedness lifestyle. No matter how advanced our technology becomes these ancient skills deserve a place in your toolkit.

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It’s just as dangerous to assume that the prepper or the homesteader is stuck inside a 17th century system. The idea to go off grid and take our humanity back from the machines and the dependencies that have been built in is radical. Its my opinion that we also employ radical new technologies to achieve our goals. We see this with solar on the roofs of homesteads all across the country.

USB technology has exploded in recent years and we would be foolish not to take full advantage of what’s possible with the many devices that can now be powered by USB. This tech is not limited to cellphones and Ipads any more. Before we get into whats possible we must first talk about the portable power source for this tech that allows you to charge and power away from the computer.

The Power of the Power bank

Until recently USB power came from computers. I always felt a great deal of comfort when my phone was plugged up to my computer during the work day. This all changed when the power bank was created. It didn’t take long.

These things are like miniature generators. They cannot power anything that will heat, cool or modify your temperature in many ways. Still I think you will be surprised at what type of things these power banks are capable of. You can make vast upgrades to your preparedness plans by taking advantage of this technology. I want to talk about the incredible shrinking technology and how we must take advantage of it!

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