December 8, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Urban Survival – From Bugging In to Escape & Evasion
Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path”

Urban SurvivalThere are a host of skills that a person must learn in order to be comfortable with survival in a post-disaster, urban environment.  Food, water, shelter, security, medicine, transportation, power and so much more.  How would you deal with life in an urban area if the grid went down and chaos ruled the streets?  Would you know how to stay safe, secure, well-fed and healthy?  Where would you get your water from if you ran out?  Most importantly, how would you get out of the urban area if you had to?  When would you make that decision and what would you take with you?  If you have friends and family, do you know how to travel in a caravan, pick the routes that will get you safely out of town and respond to everything from a flat tire to an ambush?

Urban SurvivalA lot of preppers rely on gear and supplies, but it is much more important to have skills.  With skills you can survive any change in your environment, even it if takes you away from all of your gear and your supplied.  Join Sam Coffman as he talks about the skills necessary to survive in an urban area and even escape and evade if you have to.  Sam founded and directs a school (The Human Path) that teaches exactly these skills.  Not just in a classroom, but in hands-on environments on their 50-acre campus, as well as in town during actual urban scenarios with role-players throughout the city.  He will share his insights on these subjects and talk through some skills and knowledge that can help you in an urban survival situation.
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