October 3, 2022


Self reliance and independence

The WAIT is over! We are on the schedule.  Veteran Survival Instructor Tony Nester of Ancient Pathways will be joining the Other Side of a Preppers Path Mon. Oct 29th 7pm eastern in his first of two full shows. We’ll begin with the mindset of self-reliance. Who needs it? In a nutshell EVERYBODY!  The proven most effective way to survive a disaster is to have the essential gear and plans in place before before the event. The only way to achieve this is to develop a mindset of self-reliance. Join Lynna as she visits with veteran Survival Expert and Teacher Tony Nester of Ancient Pathways. Together they will embark on a frank discussion about the mindset necessary for self-reliance and survival. Tony has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Find out the 6 key areas of home self-reliance as well as what to do about food if the grocery shelves are empty and living off the land what are the true realities !!  It’s a lot of ground to cover and thats why Tony has agree to coming back for a second show.

Tony Nester did not make the show but Lynna was prepared and made it worthwhile. Listen to this show in player below!

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