March 3, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Todd Walker “The Survival Sherpa”

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Todd Walker “The Survival Sherpa”
Joshua “The 7 P’s of Survival

Todd Walker "The Survival Sherpa"This week it is my privilege to have my friend Todd Walker (A.K.A. The Survival Sherpa) on the show to talk about the Doing The Stuff Network his online presence where he shares his journey toward self reliance. Todd and I have very similar interests when it comes to a self reliant life style. We both strive to enhance our own skills on a daily basis while sharing what we learn via our media outlets. We both enjoy skills from the golden age of camping, traditional kit item, old time skills and whatever you would like to call being able to affect your own survival with minimal kit in a woodland environment.

Todd Walker "The Survival Sherpa"Todd and I will be talking about some of his recent articles that I found interesting including: Making your own lightweight oil cloth tarp; the top 13 uses for pine trees in woodcraft and self reliance, Step-by-step guide to primitive fire and also several articles about primitive meat preservation. While we may have time to dig into a few other topics and would also love to hear from you with questions, but I’m most excited to talk about his DIY lightweight oil skin tarp from a bed sheet. I have been thinking about doing this project for over a year and now and I hope we are able to inspire other to think about making portions of their own kit as well!

Todd Walker "The Survival Sherpa"This show is all about learning by doing and we both truly hope to inspire others to “Do the stuff of self reliance!” We both would like to challenge you to get out there with your kit and practice your self-reliance skills with us. With that in mind, this week’s survival challenge will once again be in the fire craft vein as we will talk about fire lays and honing your fire craft skills! I look forward to seeing your submissions to the survival skill challenge and look forward to continuing our journey of self reliant skill development.

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