Technology dependent, then & now!
Host: Crazy Lew & Highlander “Tech Preps

Technology il_fullxfull.106191355In this show we will be discussing technology from the early 1900s vs modern day technology and if this technology has made our lives easier, better, or just plain lazier.

Thru out history we have always had technology advancements, but in the past 100 years we have taking a staggering leap in the form of knowledge and technology. We often see technology as beneficial for humans, which it is in many ways, however this can be a double edged sword.

TechnologyThe inventions that we create can benefit us greatly or be our greatest downfall. If any of you are familiar with the movie WALL-E, I see that this is the path we are going to, our world so over ran by trash and people so lazy and overweight they have to float around on chairs and have robots take care of them. This may sound like a drastic leap in my thinking, however I see more and more people becoming dependent on technology, more and more people using it as a separation from the real world, and even some who have online friends and none in real life. I see the anti-social issues that this can and has caused and probably will continue for many years to come.

Technology cr64blackMany of us (not all) but many of us will be utterly lost without technology doing some of our basic tasks for us, this is scary in a sense, we all have seen doomsday shows and movies of everything going away, and people having to fend for themselves. Well I do not think they have it that far off, people who rely on technology are in a sense hurting themselves. So we will try to discuss the pros and cons of modern day tech vs early turn of the century technology.

Technology nd2_8376_lr-2We will discuss things like homemade lye soap, vs modern day soap, wash boards and wringers vs modern day washing machines. We will talk about cooking wood stoves vs modern day gas/electric stoves, the typewriter vs the modern day keyboard/computer. We will talk about air travel vs modern day travel the early telegraph/telephone vs today’s communication technology.

We will talk about early movies/tv vs todays tv. and as a fun fact the first 3d movie was invented in 1922. Read and green spectacles were used to view. Another fun fact, early tv’s had dangerous radiation and you shouldn’t sit in front of them (possibly where the term “don’t sit too close to the tv it is bad for you!”). We will talk about the late 1920’s invention of penicillin and how it started a drug revolution.
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