Survival groupsA healthy prepper or survival group is more than a happy one, it’s a group that can function as needed in order to carry out the day to day tasks required to survive an emergency situation.  Daily tasks become difficult to impossible when your whole group is sick with influenza or some other contagion that has spread from one person to another to another.  Sure, we probably all have a well stocked medical kit that can give us the tools we need to deal with everything from minor scrapes and cuts to compound fractures and bullet wounds.  But how do we keep everyone from getting just plain old sick because one member caught a nasty bug?  The answer is setting up a sick room.  A dedicated space to keep the sick away from the rest of the group, and also to keep dirt and bacteria away from injured preppers.
This week on The Prepared Canadian, with the advice and help of Dr.Bones and Nurse Amy, we take a look at setting up a sick room.  Unfortunately,  time did not cooperate so that I could get them on the show this week, but they have offered up lots of advice that I will combine with input from the forum.
Also this week, a review of  F.J. Bohans book, Barbed Wire, Barricades, and Bunkers; the free citizens guide to fortifying the home retreat.  If that isn’t enough, I’ll top it all off with a fresh editorial for you to consider.
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