July 4, 2022


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Survival Training for the Prepper!

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Survival Training for the Prepper!
Host Sam Coffman “The Herbal Medic

Survival Training for the Prepper! creek-gigging-river-31What does wilderness or urban survival training mean for the prepper? Join Sam Coffman as he explores the basic survival concepts that he feels any prepper must know. Rather than depending on expensive gadgetry, what skills will get you through a rough situation with minimal equipment no matter where you find yourself? Is that possible? Sam feels that it is, and that the key lies in defining and understanding basic principles while also teaching yourself some basic skills and adaptability, rather than packing every kind of new survival toy possible into an overweight bugout bag.

Survival Training for the Prepper! wilderness-survival-guide-2There was a saying during the gold rush days in America that the only millionaires were the folks selling picks and shovels. This is also true to a certain extent in the world of preparedness. It has become a very big business, and people living in a first world country like the USA want convenience over skills. The problem is what to do when that convenience breaks down or you can’t carry it on your back, or you lose it, or it is taken from you?

Survival Training for the Prepper! AnkleWrap800x600Learning how to think outside the box and work with what you have is a key element, and it starts with basic fundamentals. The most basic principles always work best when under duress or stress.
Join Sam as he explores this concept and shares what he thinks are the most vital skills and concepts you should learn to help you pull through any survival situation.
Sam Coffman Website: http://thehumanpath.com/

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