Survival Misfire
Host: Jackie “Apocalypse Nana”

2-16-15 survival shelterYou are sitting at your desk. Suddenly the sky around you brightens with a blinding flash. You don’t need to be a nuclear war survivalist to know that some sort of mega explosion has occurred nearby. Perhaps not in your city but close enough that you are in danger. Do you know what to do? Do you stay put? Run for cover? Do you have the necessities right there in your office to survive Maybe, you are a prepper even if just a novice. Do you spend most of your time concentrating on bugging out or bugging in Let’s say you are good to go. Your shelter is stocked you have ammunition and all the cute little gadget you need. Do you let people in your shelter? Do you know what type of people to let into your shelter? If they stole from you, would you know?

2-16-15 survival-essentialsThis week on the Apocalypse Nana Show, we take a look at the common mistakes people make in preparing for disaster. We look at the common mistakes that are made in the shelter and getting ready for an event. We will examine a checklist to make sure you are not committing any of the fatal crimes a prepper may make. Especially a newbie.

2-16-15 Survival-GuideThe Apocalypse Nana Team will take a look at some of the questions such as… Do you know how to open a can, if you do not have a can opener? Do you know where to get more water? How much you actually need per day? Do you know what to do with that dental floss in your drawer? We will answer these questions and more this week on the show.

Join Jackie, Rob, and Dom as they look at the fatal errors and share with you the lesser known survival tips that could save your life and or get you out of a jam.

Apocalipse Nana apocanana 500x500Also, for our faithful Walking Dead fans that join us each week, we introduce the five minute spoiler splash where a mystery ‘in the know’ guest will give you spoilers to your favorite dystopian fiction show.

It will be a fun, informative time. Feel free to call him, chat and take notes. It is the interactive, eclectic show that is sweeping the apocalypse nation.

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