Common Sense Prepping 125floof2Regardless if we fear a super-earthquake, a volcano eruption, war, or an EMP attack, survival will depend on being prepared. Only those who take on the responsibility now and are ready to learn sustainable skills will survive with some sense of security.

Join Common Sense Prepping with Deb as she and her guest Host, Sargent Dale, talk about what we can do now to survive a SHTF situation.  We will discuss a few different possible situations and what you can do to prepare for a worst case scenario. Some things we can foresee and some only God can foresee, but what has always proven true is the fact that those who prepare do not waste away in fear. To some this may seem like our darkest hour, but as a prepping community, we will stand together and keep a level head. Come and talk and share your ideas together with fellow like-minded people. Together we will come up with answers.

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