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preppers path 4-7Lynna 1-13 395x300 PREP-Logo3As a Nation, the new young leader of North Korea bombards us daily with hostile threats of nuclear devastation.  Our news media until recently encourages us to shrug off the threats, that they can’t match their ability with their rhetoric. What is the actual threat capability are there surprises that should jump start prepping again for those that have become complacent? How seriously could an even limited conflict affect us here at home?  Join Lynna on The Other Side…A Preppers Path and her special guest Charley Hogwood from P.R.E.P. as they discuss these vital questions along with P.R.E.P‘s new Micro-Series class concept bringing classes to the areas of need as well as on site teaching and consulting on real situational survival. It’s been said before BUT you are going to want to catch this show. Tune in and be ready for some information needed by all.  Got a question about preparing? Call in! See you Sunday April 7th 8:00pm central.

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